Don’t rule out a stock plan just yet

February 13, 2017

That perfect little starter house you purchased a few years back is no longer so perfect. Your family has doubled in size since you first signed the mortgage, and it is time to upgrade. Or perhaps that beautiful dream home you built when all the kids were still living at home now feels like a monstrous space with just two of you roaming around. Whatever the situation is that led you to the conclusion that you need a new home, we are here to help!

We know you want a beautiful home, fit to your individual style and needs, but that does not necessarily mean you need a custom home.

Our stock plans are a great place to start. We have a wide variety of homes to accommodate most budgets, styles, lot restrictions, and needs.

For your convenience our stock plans are posted on the website in three easily filtered categories; ramblers, main floor masters, and two story homes. When viewing the many stock plans keep in mind that if you plan to finish the lower level (basement) this will possibly increase the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Increasing square footage and making minor floor plan adjustments are easily sketched out in our office at your first design appointment and these changes usually do not add a substantial increase to the price of your plan.

Take a look at our Hidden Meadow Plan, customized to fit the needs of three different clients.

Faster Turn Around Time

If you are hoping for a faster turn around time, a stock plan is the very best option. We have designed many of our stock plans multiple times, and often have one that matches the exact needs of a new client. Since most of the time consuming design process is already complete our office can release a stock plan much quicker than we can complete a custom plan. That means instead of the months that it takes to sketch, draft, and engineer a custom plan; your stock plan can be released in a couple short weeks.

Go ahead, search our stock plans, and once you find a couple you love give us a call so we can help customize it to your needs!